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    Welcome to Hero 4 Hire, we strive to be one of the premier party entertainment companies in all of Southern California. With some of the best character actors and actresses, we want to give you the best possible party experience that we have to offer. We have all our own in house performers that not only know their characters, but are the characters and we never subcontract from other companies! What you see on our website is what you will get at your party; all of our performers are experienced with kids and will give you a show that you and your little ones will never forget.

    Hero 4 Hire is based in Rim Forest California, but don’t let that fool you! Our performers are from all over Southern California and will travel to your event with clean and tidy costumes, makeup and attitudes to ensure that you receive the perfect party experience. If you have been serviced by Hero 4 Hire and would like to tell others about your experience, please leave your review on our Yelp page, we greatly appreciate it.

    Hero 4 Hire got its roots in 1992 which began as a joint venture between Theresa & Ryan, who individually have been performing at children’s parties for well over 10 years! They are passionate people who love dressing up to see the smiles on children’s faces. From time to time Hero 4 Hire will participate in Make a Wish Foundation and other charitable events in order to better help the community. Hero 4 Hire now has over 10 amazing actors and actresses spanning from Los Angeles to the High Desert and Orange County to help make your magical dreams come true.  Our Characters range from popular pretty princesses and superheroes to seasonal and innovative characters.

    Some of us have been entertaining kids for over 10 years!


    We service almost all of Southern California including San Bernardino,
    Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange Counties. Other areas may be
    available, please contact us if your area is not listed.

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