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    Knight of Evil

    Book a Knight stunt show addition to any princess party.



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    Ryan is the owner of the company and our top performer . Ryan has been in the children’s entertainment business since 1992 . Many of the beloved games and activities used by all entertainment company’s were revolutionized by him. Ryan is a trained actor and has held entertainment positions at Six flags magic mountain in the batman and Robin stunt show as well as being a Disneyland cast member alumni.

    Ryan believes in healthy eating and daily exercise to keep his superhero physique.Ryan has preformed on the stage and entertained for many well known companies and individuals such as Paramount Pictures, Disney executives, and many others. Ryan is a loving father and great with all age groups of children.Even the shyest of children will be playing the games and hugging the characters by the end of his show. To Ryan, parties are not just a job, they are your child’s dreams coming true.Ryan puts all his heart and skills into giving you the best birthday ever. All our employees are trained by Ryan and must love children and the job to work for his company.


    Hero Stunt Shows

    Hero 4 Hire offers some of the most action packed and entertaining hero stunt shows in Southern California. Make the most out of your party by dazzling your guests with an incredible show! Our stunt shows are typically a two to three character show with a face off between a hero and a villain.


    Gotham Stunt Show

    Gotham Stunt Show


    We offer many varieties of Stunt Show including:

    Gotham Stunt Show


    Dark Side Stunt Show


    Captain Stunt Show

    and more!

    Let us help you create a birthday event that your kids will never forget. Call us today! (909) 939-0276


    Group Character Shows

    Why get one character when you can have each character from the entire series! We have special discounts on multiple character shows and feel that parties are even better with 3 or more characters during your special day. Our prices are affordable!

    Let us help you create a birthday event that your kids will never forget. Call us today! (909) 939-0276



    Superhero Parties

    We offer some of the best and most accurate hero characters in all of Southern California and pride ourselves on our superhero stunt shows.
    What to expect:

    When your hero arrives with a grand entrance, be prepared to be transported to an action packed party and get those cameras ready as all the children’s eyes light up! As the party moves forward depending on your party package your hero will either fight their respected villain or teach your kids superhero values and saving the day. Please remember that each party package is different and will be catered to your individual party depending on space available, indoor/outdoor and amount of children (sometimes we add special surprises!). Typically our heroes (or villains) will move on to several different games, balloon twisting, temporary spray on tattoos, photo opportunities, a gift for the birthday child and lots more. Remember, heroes aren’t just for boys! You can have an equally fun action packed girl party or add on a character to entertain your little girls with our selection of female heroes and villains too!

    Heroes are available for:

    Children’s parties, balloon artists, door
    greeters/ushers, character appearances, personalized birthday poems
    and much more! Please call for requests.

    Questions? Please call us at (909) 939-0276 or e-mail us at
    hero4hireparty@gmail.com with any questions you might have and don’t
    forget to ask about our specials when you book over the phone.


    Afterdark Party Package

    It gets hot during the summer months for parties and that is why we are offering “Afterdark Parties” in order to keep your kids and our characters cool in the summer months. You get the same great party and attention as the day time events; only as an added bonus we add glow toys, glow sticks and other fun illuminated character costume pieces (light sabers & EL wire) to our characters & parties for an awesome night time effect out of the heat.

    Available sundown to 9pm during peak summer months,

    Let us help you create a birthday event that your kids will never forget. Call us today! (909) 939-0276




    He’s the all American hero!





    Have a swinging good time at your next party with our fine selection of superheroes.




    Join your fellow Avengers to save the day, pair with our Iron Hero for an even cooler party.







    Git along little doggies, there’s some wranglin’ to do. Cowboy entertainer in Southern California.



    Jack Pirate

    Arrggg matey! Pirates ahoy! We have various salty sea dogs available for your next party. Pirates can also be added on to Neverland parties! Pirate entertainer in Southern California.



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